No other sunglasses have a story like ours. They started life as a tree, then they became a skateboard, now they're back, as SK8Glasses™.

The original Sycamore style SK8Glasses™ are handcrafted from Recycled Skateboards. Our skateboards are sourced from local Colorado Springs Skate Shops. For every skateboard we save from the landfill, we can create 6 pairs of SK8Glasses™.

We use Polarized Lenses and Spring-fit Hinges that are strengthened & tested in-house. SK8Glasses™ are durable and weatherproof, finished with a gloss protective coating.

They feature original skateboard coloring, allowing you to choose the outside arm color. The inside colors are random, making each pair one of a kind.

Full customization includes 1 logo lasered on both outside arms, a box with logo and a drawstring bag.

U.S. Patent No. 9,268,156


(NOTE: SK8G-SYC-YEL & SK8G-SYC-DKG are also available, just not pictured.)