Q. Where do you get the broken Skateboards to make your SK8Glasses™?.

We source most of our decks from local Colorado Springs skate shops. We rescue the used and broken skateboard decks that skaters take to local skateboard shops for replacement before they're sent to the landfills.

Q. How many pair of SK8Glasses™ can you produce from each recycled Skateboard?

We can create 6 frames out of the center of each recycled skateboard.

Q. How do you get curved arm pieces to fit so comfortably over ears?

We use the natural curve of the nose and tail of the skateboard to make the curved arm pieces.

Q. Are SK8Glass™ frames and arms painted?

No, they're not painted. We use the original coloring of the skateboards, sand them down and finish them with a clear non-toxic, hypoallergenic gloss sealer that protects the wood and make the natural colors of the wood really pop! This is why every pair of SK8Glasses™ is different, every skateboard is different!

Q. Can I order custom SK8Glass™ color combinations?

Currently, you can choose the outside arm color, but the inside arm color is dictated by the skateboard itself, making the color combinations random and unique. However, we are in the process of producing our own skate decks (no longer "recycled"), specifically for custom color combinations and bulk orders. or combination. Contact us if you have any questions: 719-999-2538 or

Q. What kind of Lenses do you use?

We use only high-quality UV protected lenses purchased directly from Polaroid.

Q. Will you ever run out of broken Skateboards?

Skateboards are guaranteed to break. As long as there are skateboarders pushing their limits, there will be plenty of broken decks to rescue from the landfill to make SK8Glasses™.